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AI應用工程師 (AI Application Engineer)

AI應用工程師 (AI Application Engineer)

AI應用工程師  AI Application Engineer

  • 工作內容

    Work with Sales to win opportunities through demonstrate how our software services can meet customer requirements.  
    Provide troubleshooting expertise in resolve customer issues, and excellent execution on time and project management. Development, validation, deploy, and maintain our software solution into customer’s production line.  
  • Primary responsibilities

    1. Setup computer environment and software installation  
    2. Test software functions and report issues to RD. 
    3. Provide technical support and product demonstration to customer. 
    4. Build application solutions and provide consultant based on customer requirements. 
    5. Report daily updates and action plan on project progress. 
    6. AI Model training and optimization. 
    7. Implement AI solution into customer's production system.

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