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AI Defect Detection Solution

As AI alters from day to day, it's curious to know how AI can bring benefits.
And how does it differ from traditional AOI?

AINavi 2.0 Highlights Video

It's not just about AI integration, it's about solving production problems.

AINavi Function Features

Transforming expertise into a streamlined process, our deep learning visual inspection software tailored for the manufacturing industry empowers seamless integration of AI defect detection on production lines.

Configuration Suggestion for AI Defect Detection

In addition to the flexible hardware and software structure, it also has a great expandability.

AI Camera - ICAM

ICAM is an AI Smart Camera, which helps to confront the challenge of smart manufacturing.

AI OCR Solution

For ICAM, Spingence integrates the AI OCR function to support high-speed real-time recognition to overcome the difficulty of traditional OCR.

The Role of Defect Generation in AI Implementation

Discover one of the keys to the smart transformation of the manufacturing industry: how defect generation technology can assist AI importation in changing environments

Anomaly Detection

All processes are completed on a single machine, and training can be done immediately after image acquisition.
Overcome the difficulty of background recognition by traditional AOI.

AI Generator | SpinMind

SpinMind effortlessly generates defect images. Catalysts for AI Model Implementation in Industrial

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