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AI OCR Solution

✅ Optical, mechanical, electrical, and software integration, ready to use at power on
✅ Optimized for industrial scenarios with AI retraining support
✅ Supports high-speed real-time inspection up to 600 images per minute
✅ Easily handle low-contrast, reflective, worn/damaged characters
✅ One-step training and deployment, AI model uploading is super easy


ICAM is an AI smart camera jointly developed by Spingence and Advantech,
integrating AI OCR and Annomaly Detection.

Deep Learning-based OCR

  • Immediate activation at startup

  • Supports retraining for Industrial Scenarios

  • Simple and easy model deployment

Easily responds to low-contrast, reflective, and abrasive labels.

Beyond the traditional optical character recognition, the interface and operation are streamlined to realize accurate recognition.

ICAM application process

Wafer Special Font Recognition

During the packaging inspection stage, wafers must identify product characters on their surface to synchronize with shipment information. Previously, this was done manually, but now the ICAM AI OCR function has been improved to handle these scenarios with training.
The built-in AI retraining function streamlines labeling, training, and deployment in one step, while also improving recognition of unique fonts for customized AI models in specific application scenarios.
  • Image Collection

    Direct image capture via ICAM, small sample size to meet training needs.

  • Image Label

    Mark up the interface by checking the box, Box→Enter Characters/Symbols→Painless labeling

  • Model Retrain

    ICAM includes NVIDIA Jetson Xavier modules, eliminating the need for an external GPU.

  • Model Deploy

    Automatic launch of the model immediately after training, training to application in one hour.


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