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Anomaly Detection

✅ Optical, mechanical, electrical, and software integration, ready to use at power on
✅ Optimized for industrial scenarios with AI retraining support
✅ Supports high-speed real-time inspection up to 600 images per minute
✅ Non-supervised modeling for industrial scenario optimization
✅ One-step training and deployment, saving time effectively

Anomaly Detection

ICAM is an AI smart camera jointly developed by Spingence and Advantech,
integrating AI OCR and Annomaly Detection.

Non-supervised modeling for industrial scenario optimization

  • Immediate activation at startup

  • Supports retraining for Industrial Scenarios

  • Close to the real situation on the production line

Support for unexpected conditions 

such as detection of abnormal objects on the production line or missing packages.

Overcome the difficulty of traditional AOI for background recognition.

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