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AI Camera - ICAM

ICAM-520 is the industrial AI Camera equipped with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX computing module and SONY industrial grade image sensor.

☑ 1.6MP 60 FPS,SONY industrial grade sensor
☑ Programmable variable focus lens
☑ Advanced LEDs illumiantion
☑ HW ISP no GPU / CPU workload

ICAM - AI Smart Camera

ICAM is an AI smart camera jointly developed by Spingence and Advantech, integrating AI OCR and Anomaly Detection.
It is characterized by immediate activation and one-stop model training and deployment applications, which helps the field to painlessly upgrade and meet the challenge of smart manufacturing!

Hardware and software integration, ready to use at start-up.

Lightweight solution for quick on-boarding!​ 

  • Ready to Go
    Hardware Solution

    Simply connect the power and network cables.
    Easy startup, no need for complicated installation.

  • Embedded with
    NVIDIA Jetson Platform

    Strong firmware support.
    Enables powerful edge AI vision applications

  • Simple and Easy ​Model Deployment

    ‧ AI OCR
    ‧ Anomaly Detection​
  • Web Based UI​

    Easy to understand. Convenient for maintenance and management by production line personnel


Built-in OCR and Anomaly Detection Models

  • AI Optical Character Recognition

    AI combined with OCR for more powerful character recognition. Overcomes low contrast, abrasive, and reflective materials to realize high-speed real-time recognition.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Unsupervised lightweight modeling, requires only a small number of training sets to train on demand. Realize rapid AI deployment.



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