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Industrial Lenses



  • High resolution and contrast unmatched in the industry

    ‧ Integrated 2/3" imager supporting 2.74µm pixel pitch and up to 8 megapixel resolution
    ‧ Provides better resolution and contrast than other Φ29mm machine vision lenses.
  • Universal fixing screws are supplied as standard

    ‧ The supplied anti-loosening screws can be replaced with any recessed set screws, thus reducing the overall diameter of the lens barrel and allowing for a tighter fit.
  • Industry-leading low distortion (TV distortion)

    ‧ Significantly reduced TV distortion compared to previous models
  • New shock resistant reinforcement mechanism

    ‧ Newly designed mechanism with anti-vibration and anti-shock properties.Optical (image) deflection is limited to less than 10µm compared to previous models, even under the severe effects of vibration and shock of up to 10G degrees.
  • High quality performance at close range

    ‧ The new integrated lens design ensures high contrast and resolution for frequently used close-up photography.

OPT Machine Vision

MH Series |
Telecentric Lenses


‧ High-definition large-aperture telecentric lens, compatible with up to 2/3" sensor chip size camera.
‧ The magnification range of the whole series is wide, multiple magnifications are available from 0.5X to 7.5X.
‧ Object-oriented telecentric design, with built-in coaxial light illumination specifications optional.



10M Series |
Telecentric Lenses

‧ Large aperture and high resolution, compatible with cameras up to 1.1" sensor chip size.
‧ The magnification range of the whole series is wide, multiple magnifications are available from 0.2X to 4X.
‧ High-contrast, low-distortion design, and optional built-in coaxial lighting specifications.




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