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Line Scan|Industrial Camera



CL Series

The CL series covers 2K-16K pixels and equipped with GigE/ Camera Link/XoF interfaces, support a variety of ISP and algorithms that can fulfill various application needs of line scan cameras.
  • Diversified processing,
    flexible Acquisition.

    The CL camera supports various ISP functions: Flat field correction, Gamma, LUT, white balance, CCM, SC, etc. to help users obtain higher quality image data; Despite timed exposure, a new acquisition method of trigger-width controlled exposure is added, and with external (soft/hard) trigger signals, it can flexibly adapt to external lighting conditions and exposure control needs.
  • High-Bandwidth Mode,
    high line frequency transmission.

    The High-Bandwidth Mode is equipped in the new GigE CL line scan camera. Breaking through the physical bandwidth of the gigabit network, the line frequency can been improved by 1.5-2 times, which provide users with a more cost-effective solution.


GigE Vision Interface Industrial Camera

  CameraIncorporates the latest SONY COMS sensor for CCDs.‧

‧  Supports wide resolution from VGA to 20MP

‧  Full Range Shutter / Rolling Shutter

‧  Ethernet power supply > Camera power supply via data cable

  • GigE Vision

    ‧ Low CPU usage-- GPU Processing, CUDA, Filter driver

    ‧ Various interfaces-- HALCON, Labview, Mil, Common vision blox

    ‧ Camera standard-GenICam, GigE Vision

  • Benefits of GigE Interface

    ‧ Multiple cameras can be connected to a single PC

    ‧ Low cost, no need for a separate video capture card
    ‧ Supports data rates up to 100MB/s and cable lengths up to 100 meters


【HIKROBOT | CL Series】

Please refer to HIKROBOT for more information


Please refer to CREVIS for more information


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